We create incredible applications focused exclusively for the insurance industry. Our applications provide an integrated experience to all points of insurance distribution – Consumers, Producers, General Agencies, and Insurance Companies. SuranceBay’s team of professionals have 25+ years of experience in the insurance industry as well as 50+ years of enterprise software development experience.


  • Anatole Tartakovsky is a managing partner with SuranceBay.  Mr. Tartakovsky is a technology consultant, emerging technologies enthusiast and problem solver. He is responsible for the creation of frameworks and reusable components.  Prior, Mr. Tartakovsky played roles as Technology Consultant, Project Manager, CTO, and Mentor for various enterprises.  Anatole authored number of books and articles on Flex, AJAX, XML, and client-server technologies. His education includes MS in mathematics and post graduate work in Expert Systems.
  • Brian Morton (@brianmorton) is a managing partner with SuranceBay. Brian focuses on driving the company’s growth and expanding its impact on the industry. His present responsibilities include consulting with SuranceBay’s software engineers to develop SuranceBay’s software application so that it meets its users expectations. Prior to joining SuranceBay, Brian was a top insurance producer and ran a multi-million dollar agency. He holds a BA in Chemistry from Duke University.
  • Cesar Ruiz is a managing partner with SuranceBay.  Mr. Ruiz’ experience includes lead Project Manager and Lead Consultant for organizations implementing technical migrations from legacy systems to new enterprise software applications.
  • Dr. Victor Rasputnis is managing partner with SuranceBay.  Dr. Rasputnis is responsible for providing architectural design to companies implementing RIA with Adobe Flex, Air and Livecycle technologies. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Moscow Institute of Robotics.
  • Yakov Fain (@yfain) is a managing partner with SuranceBay.  Mr. Fain has authored several books and dozens of articles on software development.  Sun Microsystems has nominated and awarded Mr. Fain with the title of Java Champion, which was presented to only one hundred people in the world. He holds MS in Applied Math.