Consumer Solutions

SuranceBay offers a full-fledged insurance automation system for consumers, insurance producers, general agencies, and insurance carriers. Through our wholly owned subsidiary, Easy.Insure, we offer a convenient way for consumers to research everything from price quotes to licensed insurance professionals to insurance carriers.

Why is This Different Then Everything Else out There?

We are glad you asked, its a very good question. Did you know that the search for “insurance” on Google is one of the MOST EXPENSIVE keywords that advertisers pay for? Click here to read more.

1.  You’re in Control – When you go to, you can run REAL-TIME insurance rates for yourself and your loved ones.  Input the requisite information, and you’ll get quotes from the top rated carriers immediately.

2.  No Bait & Switch – Too many sites give you the “feeling” that you’re going to get a rate quote that you are looking for, only for you to find out later that you’ll get a “phone call” from an sales agent attempting to sell you something.

3.  Applying for Coverage – Should you decide to move forward with applying for insurance coverage, that’s your decision. Most states require a licensed insurance professional to take your insurance application and submit it to the respective insurance company. YOU get to select the insurance agent (we provide a list to you) that you can ask to contact you. Only those representatives that YOU ask to contact you will be provided your information.

4.  Reviews – You’re able to take a look at what other consumers have had to say about each insurance producer that you may consider to work with. Our experience shows us that when you can review feedback from other consumers about your experience with an insurance agent, it provides you a better understanding of the person you’ll be speaking with.

5.  Accurate Information – A 35 year old male who is 5’3″, 300 lbs. and taking medicine for diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. is NOT going to pay the same rate as a 5’3″, 135 lb. male who runs 6 miles a day and taking no medicine. Likewise, the 18 year old driver with 6 speeding tickets is most likely going to pay more for auto-insurance then a 45 year old with no speeding tickets, for the same car.

Easy.Insure provides accurate quoting for consumers because we’re integrated with a number of different service providers that insurance company underwriters are going to use when evaluating the risk. Please visit for more details.