• Agents

    How We Help Individual Insurance Agents

    The ever growing compliance requirements placed on insurance producers often makes managing them a complex nightmare. SureLC makes it easy for you as we provide all the tools you need in a single, easy to manage application so you can get back to doing what you do best – sell insurance. more

  • Agencies

    How We Help Insurance General Agencies

    SureLC is the industry’s leading multi-carrier contracting automation system. It is the easiest and fastest application that streamlines producer contracting with all of your carrier partners. more

  • Carriers

    How We Help Insurance Carriers

    SureLC is the industry’s leading contracting automation system. We currently support 450+ unique insurance companies, 500+ General Agencies, 200,000+ producers, and our users process 32,000+ contracts monthly. Our strength is making complex problems and workflows fast and simple for everyone involved in the insurance distribution process. more

  • Consulting

    Consulting Services

    SuranceBay’s team of experts have 25+ years of insurance industry experience along with 50+ years of enterprise software development. We oversee 13,000 contracts processed monthly across 300+ agencies with 405 carriers. If you’re looking for best practices, Contact us for more information to see how we may be able to assist.

  • Consumer

    Insurance Consumer’s Solutions

    SuranceBay offers a full-fledged insurance automation system for consumers, insurance producers, general agencies, and insurance carriers. Through our wholly owned subsidiary, Easy.Insure, we offer a convenient way for consumers to research everything from price quotes to licensed insurance professionals to insurance carriers. more

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