Carriers: SureLC for Insurance Companies

SureLC is the industry’s leading contracting automation system. We currently support 450+ unique insurance companies, 500+ General Agencies, 200,000+ producers, and our users process 32,000+ contracts monthly. Our strength is making complex problems and workflows fast and simple for everyone involved in the insurance distribution process.

How Carriers Utilize SureLC

 Option 1 РMaintain Updated Contracting Forms

Carriers pay nothing to keep their contracting forms updated and included within the SureLC platform. When your company updates SuranceBay with your contracting forms, our Forms Handling Team ensures that ALL agencies subscribing to SureLC have your updated forms. This way you can be assured that all agencies subscribing to SureLC, who work with your company, are using the most up-to-date forms that your contracting department utilizes.

Option 2 – Data-Integration

When your contracting department receives contracting paperwork from one of your agencies utilizing SureLC, you can be assured the paperwork is 100% in-good-order. However, someone on your side most likely has to open up the PDF document(s), and do manual data-entry.

With SureLC’s data-integration, your company can receive both image copies of the contracting paperwork (for archiving purposes), as well as data-files which will eliminate the manual data-entry process on your end. Data-integration is completely customizable, so whether you need a CSV file or XML file or any other format, we’re able to support your desired integration method(s).

Sure OnBoarding

We know that 100% of your Brokerage General Agencies do not subscribe to the SureLC platform. However, you should still be able to utilize an electronic on-boarding process to contract and appoint new producers, no matter where they come from. Sure OnBoarding is a simplified process that allows 100% of your producers to contract with your company, through any agency or directly, electronically.

Sure Screening

Through our integration with Red Ridge Verification Services, your company can expect to save 20% – 50% off your current background screening costs. Statistically, General Agencies contract each producer with 3.6 carriers within the first 3 months upon that producer being added to the SureLC platform.

So, we asked ourselves, why do 3.6 carriers individually need to purchase their own background report on the applying producer? What if we obtain ONE background report, and distribute the same information to 3.6 carriers?

Sure Screening allows one background report to be pulled on prospective producers, and distributed to multiple carriers. Please contact us for more details.

Your company can enjoy the cost savings and exceptional customer service for 100% of your applying producers, NOT just those that come from SureLC agency subscribers. Please contact us for more information.

VectorOne- (coming soon)

Upon receiving contracting paperwork, you will be informed if the producer has a Vector Report. You will still need to login to the VectorOne site to obtain details, but we can tell you immediately if the producer has a Vector Report.


By utilizing SureLC, your company is able to automate and streamline the appointments & termination process for producers. We’re fully integrated with NIPR and other data sources to make this process seamless for your users.

Sure Product Training

If your company issues annuities, you know producer’s must complete product specific training. Within SureLC, you can provide your producers the ability to complete product specific training as an integrated experience. By providing product training within our platform, producers are able to quickly and easily perform their mandated training requirements without calling their General Agency or you, the carrier, asking where to go and how to complete this requirement.

Carrier Based Rules

While getting data or getting 100% in-good-order paperwork may sound like a good idea, we believe that there is a greater benefit when your rules are implemented as part of the contracting process. For example, if a producer does not have E&O insurance (or the required limits), SureLC notifies the producer that they have not met the requirements in order to get contracted with your company.

After all, what good does it do you to get 100% in-good -order paperwork but the producer has not met your minimum requirements?

With SureLC, you can implement & maintain your rules to ensure that all producers applying for an appointment with your company meet your requirements PRIOR to submitting contracting paperwork.