Agencies: SureLC for GA’s


SureLC is the industry’s leading multi-carrier contracting automation system. It is the easiest and fastest application that streamlines producer contracting with all of your carrier partners.

How It Works

Carriers ask for the same information on prospective producers, such as: demographic details, licenses, background questions, E&O insurance details, etc. On average, this information gets inputted and completed within SureLC in less then 8 minutes. The producer’s information is now ready to get applied to carrier contracting paperwork. Your agency can now process any carrier’s contracting paperwork in less then 2 minutes.

Key Points

  • Recruit more producers – On-boarding is quick and easy for them.
  • PDB reports pulled from the NIPR – Reduces data-entry & need to collect license copies.
  • 100% paperless – Your office can remain paperless if you want.
  • Multi-Hierarchy/Commission Schedules – Ability to setup multiple hierarchy and compensation schedules specific for your agency.
  • Automatic Updating of Carrier Contracting Paperwork – We handle updating contracting forms, so you don’t have to.

Additional Features

  • Background Screenings Available – Credit, Criminal, and VectorOne
  • Licensing – If your agency handles producer licensing, you can do everything you need directly within SureLC via our integration with the NIPR.
  • E&O Renewals – Ability to obtain discounted E&O for your agency.