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Our mission is to streamline and automate the process of buying and selling insurance. Our solutions provide an integrated experience to all points of insurance distribution – insurance companies, general agencies, insurance agents, and consumers.
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Founded in 2009, SuranceBay is an insurance Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company. We are dreamers and doers, software engineers and insurance professionals, collaborators and problem solvers. Together, we comprise a talented community of curious minds and passionate professionals who live and breathe your business. We develop and service innovative software that makes buying and selling insurance simpler and faster. Our solutions provide an integrated experience for insurance companies, general agencies, insurance agents, and consumers. In January 2010, we debuted our flagship product, SureLC™ – a multi-carrier contracting automation solution. The innovative licensing and contracting application quickly went on to become the insurance industry leader. Today, our state-of-the-art solutions incorporate the assets of more than 750 insurance carriers and are used by over 950 BGAs to optimize the workflows of 500,000+ producers nationwide, with the monthly submission of over 70,000 agent contracts.
We place customers at the heart of everything we do. Customer satisfaction is a key driver for our business; we believe that delivering what our customers want is the best way to grow our company.SuranceBay's Team
Jodi Duncan

ProducersXL, BRAMCO agency

Moving to the SureLC™ Contracting & Licensing solution has been fairly effortless. Our individual needs are quickly and efficiently addressed and implemented. The functionality it provides is unrivaled, and the ongoing efforts to develop technological advances based on our own personal work flow provides peace of mind and encouragement. Our agents appreciate the expediency of SureLC™, and our employees find it user-friendly and simple.

William Wright

Founder & President,
Financial Professionals Group

Just wanted to thank you for all your support in making the necessary changes to make SuranceBay an indispensable tool.

Steve Perry


I got through 28 contracts, seven for each of our new hires, in about 30 minutes, counting entering them into the system.  Very satisfying.

Yet another satisfied customer

By the way, I absolutely LOVE SureLC™. It’s taking a while to figure everything out but the system is great and the customer service is the best I’ve seen.
Thanks for calling me back – I just assumed nobody was working on Saturday when I didn’t get an answer so was floored when I received your call…..that was way ABOVE and BEYOND!

Linda Curtis

RD Marketing Group

The system is working better than we ever expected!

We’ve been using Sure LC™ for about 6 months now and we absolutely love it. It has cut the time we spend contracting an agent in half. We’ve also noticed that we spend less time going back and forth with our carriers’ contracting department because the paperwork is clean the first time around. Also, our agents are ecstatic about it, less paperwork means a happy agent.
We researched numerous paperless contracting systems and by far Sure LC™ was the most affordable and the most user-friendly

The transition to SureLC™ was effortless with the diligent help of Brian and his staff. The system has been extremely useful and it is leaps and bounds better than our last system of online contracting. Keep up the good work, the system is highly recommended by us!

April Darnell

The Brokers Source

I have to say that I have never worked with a vendor that is as responsive and user friendly as SureLC™.  Their software is one of the most user-friendly that I’ve ever seen and their staff is always very patient and helpful when you need assistance.

Brian Greenberg

True Blue Life Insurance

SuranceBay is an amazing service for everyone involved.  The General Agencies like it and as an agent licensed in all 50 states the service is priceless.  I am blown away at how simple contracting is now that GA’s offer SuranceBay. The contracting process used to be incredibly tedious, and now SuranceBay just stores all my information and I can contract with a new company in minutes! I am so happy there is a solution now to spare agents the countless pages of contracting documents.  This is a must have for any General Agency as I cannot imagine agents ever going back to paper contracting.

Just had some great feedback from one of our agents.  He recently completed the online contracting and said in all of his years in insurance, he has never encountered a tool that was as easy and user friendly as our online contracting system.  He’s anxious to start submitting applications to us!

With agents licensed in 48 states, keeping track of licensing and renewals can be daunting as an agency. I just wanted to express my thanks to SuranceBay for making the process quick and easy to get my agents’ renewals done in each state. My favorite service you provide is the License Renewal Notice emails, so we never let a license expire.

Contracting Specialist, 
National Contracting Center

As the Licensing and Contracting Specialist at National Contracting Center SuranceBay (SureLC™) has allowed me to speed up my contracting process even more. With the ease of use and 99% accuracy of the system it makes contracting more streamlined and always me the ability to know all necessary documents are included with the contracts the first time.

Jason Kenyon


SuranceBay meets and exceeds expectations. When you have agents contracted in 50 states there is no other way to go than to choose SureLC™ for contracting and licensing.