Getting started with SureLC

Thank you for your interest in SureLC, SuranceBay’s industry leading multi-carrier contracting automation system. Transparency is a core value we adhere to for all of our clients. Should you need additional information, call us at 877-264-6888 or submit your request.

Is SureLC Right for My Agency?

SureLC is best suited for agencies who process 15+ unique agent contracts per month to their carrier partners. Whether it is 3 producers x 5 carrier contracts each, or 15 producers x 1 carrier contract, if your agency is doing 15+ per month, SureLC is right for you.

Live Demonstrations

SuranceBay offers private live SureLC Demonstrations via WebEx webinars:

Schedule a live demo – Screencast
Schedule a live demo – Phone Call.

Getting Started

Ready to get your own SureLC Account? More often than not, your SureLC account can be activated and provisioned within 1 business day from the time we receive your executed contract. SuranceBay’s onboarding team can schedule training for your agency’s staff, most often, as soon as 2-3 business days later.

Requirement #1 – Complete and Return the New Agency Set-up Sheet.
Download to save as PDF and type in info

Requirement #2 – Execute and Return the Master Services Agreement (MSA). It will be provided to you by our Sales Department.
Requirement #3 – Complete, execute and return the SureLC Statement of Service (SOS). It will be provided to you by our Sales Department.

Return the executed files to the person who directed you to this page. If you are not sure, please send to

What Happens Next?

After returning the executed agreement(s), SuranceBay will provision your agency’s SureLC account within 48 business hours, often times during the same business day. Email notices are sent to the authorized administrators upon successful completion of account provisioning.

After your account is provisioned, here’s what happens next:

  • SuranceBay’s Accounting Department reaches out via phone + email connecting with your agency’s billing manager to complete initial payment. After payment has successfully transpired, then
  • SuranceBay’s Lead Trainer reaches out via email + phone to the dedicated L&C manager from your agency in order to schedule training. Training is scheduled for 90 minutes, but sometimes can be done in 60 minutes or up to 120 minutes. Typically, initial training can be scheduled within 2-3 business days, depending on your agency staff’s availability and our Lead Trainer.
    • You will be provided a dedicated URL for your SureLC account – you will need to provide to your webmaster to update your agency’s website
    • Incorporating Single-Sign-On (SSO) + API will be your agency’s responsibility should you choose this option (details below).
  • After initial training, your agency likely will need SuranceBay’s team to do follow-up training (after your staff has become familiar with the system), as well as configure Carrier PDF forms to meet your agency’s needs. Carrier PDF forms are already configured to meet most agency’s needs 95% of the time as part of the provisioning process, but certain carriers like Allianz Life – Preferred require approval, access to Mutual of Omaha Transmittals require approval, and Lincoln Financial transmittal forms may need to be configured to meet your needs (Lincoln has 30+ transmittal forms available – SuranceBay needs to configure the one(s) that you use).

Additional Information