Our Roadmap

Curious to know what we’re working on next? We made our product roadmap public so you can see the direction we are taking our Automation Solutions for Insurance. We’d love to hear your feedback or questions!

Looking Forward

With our distinct vantage point, SuranceBay is positioned to assist you in traversing the rapidly evolving landscape of technological advancements that impact the sales of insurance. Our innovative solutions for hybrid distribution cater to everyone in the industry and can ease the transition process. Accordingly, our platform is expanding with the integration of numerous new applications.

Unannounced Product #1

A New Method of Integration
This exciting product, in the final stages of development, will change how agencies can work with carriers in SureLC. Stay tuned for more information on this new product, coming in 2023.

Unannounced Product #2

These Numbers Add Up
Put down the calculator, this upcoming product puts another piece into our puzzle, connecting all the points of insurance distribution.