Curious to know what we’re working on next? We made our product roadmap public so you can see the direction we are taking our Automation Solutions for Insurance. We’d love to hear your feedback or questions!
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Customer Relationship Management
Provides users with the ability to manage their sales activities.
SureCRM™ supports the user in terms of how they do business, whether they’re a carrier, agency, or producer.
Agency Management System
By the end of 2017 our Agency Management System will support users whose responsibilities include managing new business cases from submission to disposition.
Consumer Portal
Think LinkedIn meets Amazon: Your producers develop and maintain their professional profiles – which consumers can then browse in their search for agents they think can best service their needs.

Easy.Insure makes shopping for insurance a breeze – consumers can run quotes and search for agents. It’s also far more attractive to consumers than typical lead generation sites because they can select which agent(s) they want to contact them rather than getting a barrage of phone calls. For your producers, that equates to qualified leads as opposed to competing in an agent free-for-all.

With Easy.Insure, agents can build their profiles and provide photos, contact details, and information about themselves, the work they do, and their qualifications – which gives them the opportunity to stand out in a crowd. Consumers are also able to rate their experiences with the agents they choose, giving producers the ability to gain a critical edge over their peers for the quality work they do.